Price $265.00
Size H30.5×W40.5×D8.5cm
Color BlackxBrown
Material Handle: Leather + Synthetic Leather + Nylon
Interior: Microfiber
etc Attachments: Keyring Charm
Zipper: YKK Metal Fastener
Weight: 935g
Item Playful colors added to the simple design, with the combination of nylon and leather is the “Urbano Series.”
Urban means refined or urbanized in English.
Playful colors added to the simple design, with the fine texture of the synthetic leather brings out a modern mature impression.
There is detachable two-way shoulder strap that is also included.
Concept Furbo is Italian for astuteness.
Being called Furbo, is the greatest compliment for an Italian gentleman.
A man like this never chases, sways, or deceived.
They are never affected by trends, they choose, use and love with their instincts.
Furbo provides a brand for men that desire a playful designed product for everyday use.
We are able to produce a high performance product for everyday use due to our unique factor network.
Our brand strongly emphasizes in providing a product for everyday use so that our customers proudly enjoy owning a furbo creation/masterpiece in their lives, daily. enjoy holding Furbo’s materpieces in their daily lives.
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