WATCH(Italian Leather Model)

F5027 series

Price F5027SBLBL
Size Case Size:42mm
Color F5027SBLBL
Material Stainless Steel Case
Stainless Steel Belt or Leather Belt
etc Made in Japan Self-winding Movement
Water resistant 5 ATM
Back Skeleton
Item This watch is made with a classical design, which makes the beautiful internal mechanics stand out.
The well-used Italian leather belts will deepen the style.
Concept The mechanical wristwatch can be described with one word, FINESSE
Inside the small frame appear several sophisticated gears, rotors and springs to show accurate time.
Power is generated through the movements of the users which creates momentum in the rotors to wound up springs which then unwinds to puts the gears into motion.
Furbo’s mechanical watches are equipped with globally recognized made in Japan mechanical technology.
Our luxury timepieces are designed to be enjoyed for men that are interested in mechanical accessories.
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All of Furbo design watches "Made in Japan Automatic Movement" Equipped.

All of Furbo design watches "Made in Japan Automatic Movement" Equipped.
A very large number of fine parts such as gears, springs, and rotors are precisely incorporated in the mechanical watch. While the quartz watch moves with the battery as energy, the mechanical watch keeps moving the arm of the person wearing it to the rotor inside the watch, winds up the mainspring, turns the gear with the force trying to unravel its mainspring Drive. The mechanical watch of the full-bodied design carries a reliable Japanese-made automatic winding movement even in the world.

Mechanical Watch Drive Time
When the mainspring winds up to full, it drives for about 40 hours. Continually move on a daily basis with wearing 8 to 10 hours a day. If you leave it unused, it will stop, but in that case you turn it up manually to wind up the spring and start moving. (For instructions on manual winding and time setting, please check the instruction manual.)
A mechanical type can be enjoyed with the back cover skeleton.
The delicate movement of the mechanicl watch can be seen through the glass.
Accuracy of mechanical watch
FUBO DESIGN The standard of the day difference of mechanical watches is from -20 to + 40 seconds. (Accuracy may change depending on the attitude and operating condition of the person wearing it.)
Furbo design watch is with one year warranty from date of purchase.